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Pressure Washing in York & Harrisburg, PA

Is your home or business lacking luster and looking dull? Have mold and mildew turned the surface of your patio and home black or green? Perhaps it's time to invest in low pressure washing to cut through the dirt and grime. 

When your residence or commercial property needs a good washing, using the garden hose won't cut it. Our chemical free pressure washing methods are clean, green, and mean! Choose Keystone Mobile Wash for all your low pressure washing solutions, no matter how big or small your job is in York or Harrisburg, PA.
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We are dedicated to providing our customers in the York, PA and Harrisburg, PA areas with excellence in low-pressure washing, including fleet and house washing. Whether you need to scrub down a fleet of trucks for your business in Harrisburg, PA, or are dying to clean your house in York, PA, Keystone Mobile Wash is the company to call! The hardworking and experienced technicians on our staff are qualified and insured so that your job is completed safely. When you don’t want to or can’t complete your exterior cleaning, call us at 717-430-0747 so we can do your dirty work for you.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Raises your home value. Did you know that by pressure washing your home, it adds about $10,000 to the sale price? That's quite a bit of dough for a short term investment! The National Association of Realtors encourages homeowners to invest in pressure washing services before the put their home on the market.

Your curb appeal skyrockets. Instead of driving past a dreary, dirty house, your neighbors will drive by a sparkling home. Pressure washing completely removes any stains and dirt, increasing the attractiveness level.

Maintains your home's lifespan. We encourage you to schedule regular pressure washing appointments with us if you live in the Harrisburg, PA area. You'll save money on exterior repairs in the long run because you'll prevent your home from rotting and decaying. This extends to home additions too, like porches and decks.

Reduces harmful bacteria. Don't let potentially life-threatening bacteria grow on your home. You don't want to risk getting your family sick! Pressure washing services removes any harmful bacteria, and prevents mold from overgrowing.

We serve Harrisburg, Camp Hill, York, Mechanicsburg & the surrounding area.

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